Mahalo Mahalo Mahalo!


Enormous MAHALO goes out to the Wailuku Rotary for organizing and implementing a Market Street clean-up this past Saturday! Market Street is looking shiny and clean thanks to all the volunteers who came out to help, those who donated supplies and the Wailuku businesses who generously brought snacks and coffee! Wailuku appreciates all of you!


Maui Thing


Maui Thing now hosts a permanent fixture of Maui Children’s Bookstore within their walls, complete with their vibrant children’s books, educational toys and interactive art and parent/child classes.



Look for “Kokua Wireless” on your phone

In September 2013, Wailuku launched FREE “WaiFi” in the commercial core of town! The project was possible thanks to a $20,444 grant from the Maui County Planning Department. This not only provided a service for Wailuku visitors, businesses and residents but also serves as an educational lab for UH Maui College students. The network is created by installing a system of routers on Market Street between Main and Vineyard Street, each 250-300 feet apart. These routers create a mesh that allows other routers to carry the electronic messages if one of the routers is overloaded. The bandwidth of each router…


ReWAILUKU: A Call for Community Creativity


Some of us fight to preserve history while others spark innovation and modern design.  Through ReWAILUKU, the goal was to hear every one of these ideas and use them to create a thriving community for generations to come. The Maui Redevelopment Agency, the County of Maui Department of Planning and the Wailuku Community Association partnered to pursue the collective creativity of our home community. Sae Design, a local graphic design company in Wailuku, also played a large role in spearheading the process. With over 15 years experience, the design team really understands branding and its importance in creating a unified…


The Hui No’eau Maui Mural Project

Hui No'eau Maui Mural

Whether you’re stopping in Wailuku Town or just driving past, you’re sure to catch the bright mural on the corner of Main and Market Street. The process behind this community project is unique and a great Wailuku story full of inspiration and memories. Wailuku was fortunate enough to partner with the Hui No‘eau’s 2012 Artist in Residence Program: the Maui Mural Arts Project. For a 3-week period, muralist Eric Okdeh from the internationally acclaimed City of Philadelphia Arts Program worked with the Maui population to create a large-scale work of public art. During this time, he met with community members,…


This is Phase 1 of the Wailuku Town website launch. We are still compiling information and will continually update the site. Thank you for your patience and be sure to check for updates.