ReWAILUKU: A Call for Community Creativity

Some of us fight to preserve history while others spark innovation and modern design.  Through ReWAILUKU, the goal was to hear every one of these ideas and use them to create a thriving community for generations to come.

The Maui Redevelopment Agency, the County of Maui Department of Planning and the Wailuku Community Association partnered to pursue the collective creativity of our home community.

Sae Design, a local graphic design company in Wailuku, also played a large role in spearheading the process. With over 15 years experience, the design team really understands branding and its importance in creating a unified look for a town. Through listening to the community, Sae Design grasped a better feel for the town they are already so accustomed with and created the new Wailuku brand. The process proceeded in 3 phases:

Phase 1: Discover

16 weeks of research, community participation and organization. This phase was launched with one week of branding workshops open to the public. Community members were invited to share concerns, memories and ideas. The workshops provided a vision to steer the branding process.

ReBRAND Wailuku Intro from Ashley Takitani Leahey on Vimeo.

Phase 2: Distill

Once research was gathered and organized, an Advisory Committee led by the Wailuku Community Association worked to develop Wailuku’s core values, beliefs, visuals and brand goals based on workshop findings. This committee included residents, property owners, business owners and other Wailuku community members.

Wailuku Rebranding Process from Ashley Takitani Leahey on Vimeo.

Phase 3: Define

Using the ideas from the community and the goals set by the Advisory Committee, Sae Design created logo and brand options to present to the MRA for approval. Once selected and approved, the town’s brand was rolled out via website, banner, etc.

This is Phase 1 of the Wailuku Town website launch. We are still compiling information and will continually update the site. Thank you for your patience and be sure to check for updates.