Wailuku Coffee Co.

Both Jackie and Megan are mothers and share the first sign of Chinese Zodiac: Rat. Their love of coffee, community, arts, and hard work brought them together to create the place where the hip come to sip. They provide somewhere to enjoy laughter over lattes and a great cup o’ joe.

Megan Kanekoa

“Embarking upon the great adventure of Wailuku Coffee Co. has proven to be a success. The cafe was born to provide a space for all the diverse people of Maui to gather and I love being a part of the bustling community that is Wailuku. Market Street is special, I can feel the potential and I’m excited to help the coffee shop grow with the community. I’ve always loved good coffee but I’ve found its really being part of a great community that I love the most.”












Jacqueline Goring

It was love at first sip – a perfect mocha latte during a late night cram session in college, when I first became enamored of café culture. Having worked within the industry since then, becoming co-owner and operator of Wailuku Coffee Company is the perfect outlet for my love and creativity in coffee, food, arts, music and community.”


Wailuku Coffee Company from Ashley Takitani Leahey on Vimeo.

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